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MRI Scanner Learn More »

Our wide-bore MRI Scanner is the only one of its kind in our city. Designed to easily overcome an inherent problem with many MRI scanners, our MRI is uniquely designed with a wider circumference than traditional scanners, allowing for maximum patient comfort. Adverse effects on patients who may be claustrophobic are greatly minimized, allowing a […]


Ultrasound Learn More »

Our Ultrasound Unit is equipped with highly specialized vascular software. This software gives the radiologist an unprecedented view of vessels which may be otherwise difficult to visualize and appropriately assess.


PET CT Scanner Learn More »

Our PET CT Scanner responds to the diagnostic and radiation oncology needs of our community with stunning Time-of-Flight technology, providing increased diagnostic confidence and higher sensitivity in small lesion detection. Located in our beautiful, outpatient imaging department, our PET technology leads the industry by allowing true whole body imaging for almost all patients in just […]


Nuclear Medicine Learn More »

Our Nuclear Medicine Department is furnished with a highly advanced spect camera. This camera is outfitted with auto correction capabilities allowing the radiologist to better detect any abnormalities. For specialized cardiac exams, this tool gives the cardiologists the added advantages for evaluating coronary disease.


Bone Density Learn More »

Optimal bone health depends on accurate diagnosis and preventive treatment. Our Bone Densitometry Scanner provides a quick, low-dose method of obtaining precise Bone Mineral Density results on all our patients. Our radiology staff is specially trained to offer this painless and non-invasive exam which uses the latest technology to give you and your physician accurate […]


General X-ray & Fluoroscopy Learn More »

Our department is equipped with digital fluoroscopy for minimally invasive procedures as well as many gastrointestinal studies. Our spacious exam rooms allow ease of movement and a seamless workflow.


CT Scan Learn More »

The advancements in CT Scanners in recent years make CT a popular choice for many diagnoses. Our multi-slice CT Scanner will complete most scans in less than 1 minute. We have the ability to create amazing 3D images in a matter of mere minutes. But, with all that said, we believe the single most important […]