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Fractures Learn More »

Fractures occur when an area of bone breaks because it is unable to support a force placed on it. There are many types of fractures, ranging from a hairline crack to a bone broken into multiple pieces. Simple fractures may only need casting or splinting for support, while complex fractures may need surgery to align […]


Joint Fusion Learn More »

Joint fusion surgery, or arthrodesis, is a surgical option in lieu of total joint replacement. Fusion surgery can be used when a patient has extreme joint pain due to the wearing away of cartilage, causing bone to rub on bone. The difference between total joint replacement and joint fusion is in the results: total joint […]


Osteochondral Injury Learn More »

An osteochondral injury is an injury to the smooth surface on the end of bones: the articular cartilage and the bone below it. The injury can range from a small crack to a piece of the bone breaking off inside the joint. These bone pieces can remain attached (stable) to the area that was injured […]